To install on standard beach, patio, and café umbrella poles from 1 1/8" to 1 5/8" diameter:

          1. Place the curved bottom surface of the white prong end of the strap against the pole.

          2. Press the right thumb firmly against the three ribs to hold the prong end against the pole while   gently pulling the free end of the strap around the pole with the left hand.

          3. Insert the two white prongs into the next pair of holes on the strap. Be sure the prongs extend fully through the strap holes.


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To install on smaller poles from 3/4" to 1" diameter, first place the clear plastic adapter on the pole, then proceed as above making sure to put the strap near the top of the adapter and center the prong end of the strap on the adapter.

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Clear adapter for "skinny" poles

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Not intended for use on poles less than 3/4" diameter.

To release, place the right hand on the strap and press against the pole while pulling the free end of the strap off the prongs.




Always maintain control of both ends of the strap when installing or removing Umbrella Hook.

Keep eyes away from Umbrella Hook at all times.

Always remove Umbrella Hook from pole before closing umbrella.

For best results, keep strap, adapter, and pole, clean and dry. Clean strap with mild soap and water only.


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